Sangsang Madang

“Sangsang Madang” is a cultural complex space with a unique design in Hongdae, the center of art and culture.

Aiming to become a “place of expression for newcomers” to discover and support promising human resources in diverse fields such as photography, artworks, movies, and music, this is a place where you can enjoy young works of contemporary Korean art at once.

The facilities, which were renewed in April 2017, are full of facilities such as “Design Square” where artistic miscellaneous goods are lined up, a cinema dedicated to indie movies, and a live hall.

There are facilities for the general public, such as a photo and design training program by artists and a video and photo editing workroom, which are used by many people.

Sangsang Madang means “garden of imagination” in Korean. We will seek out human resources who are expected to be active in the art world and provide better support. The wish is to become a “place of expression for newcomers”.

The floor, consisting of four basements and seven floors, is full of art-related items. There are also exhibits on the stairs, so many people go down the stairs from the upper floor and observe.

[1st and 2nd floor] Design Square

An open space that introduces art and design artworks in everyday life. Young Korean designers sell familiar items such as stationery, watches, and cups designed with original sensibilities.

It is highly recommended for those who want to buy artistic souvenirs.

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