[‘Run’ premiere] Ji Sung, Kang Ki-young, Hwang Hee, Lee Tae-sun… Marathon beginners to cheer up

[Maeil Business Star Today Shin Young-eun]

tvN’s new entertainment program ‘RUN’ has been unveiled.

In TVN’s new entertainment program ‘RUN’ (directed Kim Hyun-sil), which was broadcasted on the 2nd, the four actors Ji Sung, Kang Ki-young, Hwang Hee, and Lee Tae-sun met in Seoul, it depicted their first challenge at the International Marathon in Florence, Italy.

The members started running without greeting after their first meeting in Bukchon. Members, who had no marathon experience went to training.

Ji Sung continued running practice with his best friend, singer Kim Jae-joong. Kang Ki-young and Lee Tae-sun started out with running crews. Hwang Hee left for training on a tidal flat.

The four left for Italy and set out for a full marathon. Members arrived in Milan and started running from the morning. Those who couldn’t wait to see the beautiful Duomo Cathedral and Sempione Park on their running journey completed the morning run. At the end, they was named RUNTIST as their team, and they comforted each other ahead of the marathon.

‘RUN’ (director Kim Hyun-sil) is an entertaining program that contains the pleasure of running at home and abroad as the cast becomes a running crew. Actor Ji Sung, Kang Ki-young, Hwang Hee, and Lee Tae-sun draw a process of jumping into running. The four runners showcase their running trips at home and abroad and further challenge the international marathon in Florence, Italy.

From the first episode, the chemistry between members shines. Ji Sung was the eldest brother and showed his father’s considerate appearance. Kang Ki-young was the life of the party among running crews. Hwang Hee showed curiosity by showing off his allure to the highest level of passion. The youngest Lee Tae-sun boasted good harmony with the other members.

In particular, ‘RUN’ attracts attention by putting the material of trendy sports running that the 2030 generation is enthusiastic on the front of the entertainment program. Watching ‘RUN’, you can feel the surrogate satisfaction of healing, comfort and running desire that you have forgotten in your busy life for a while.

tvN ‘RUN’ is broadcast every Thursday at 11 pm.

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