Hongdae Dabokgil

Hongdae Dabokgil, which extends from Mapo Tourist Information Center in the direction of Sinchon, and the shopping street next to it, are especially unique in the Hongdae area, and there are many new shops.

Hongdae Dabokgil is opening new restaurants and cafes with a new concept one after another, and the change is fierce, but there are new discoveries every time you visit.

In addition, on the shopping street next to Dabokgil, there are fashionable clothing stores that are more particular about selection than the shops that open on “Parking Street”.

There are also famous fashion brands.

[chuu Hongdae Flagship Store]

The flagship store of the popular fashion mail order site “chuu”, where the popular “-5kg Jeans” will show you slim.

On the first and second basement floors, we handle a wide range of products from cosmetics to lingerie. In addition to purchasing trendy items at modest prices, photo spots inside and outside the store are full of women taking commemorative photos.

[STYLENANDA Hongdae Main Store]

Hongdae store of “STYLENANDA”, where Korean popular idol groups also have loyal users. Not only unique fashion items but also cosmetics of “3CE”, a cosmetic brand born from STYLENANDA, are on sale.

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