“LIZE AND MILKCOCOA” is a select shop derived from the online women’s fashion brand “milkcocoa”.

It was born as an online shop in 2008 and then opened an offline store in 2014.

There are a collection of feminine and adorable items centered on the brand’s face “only milkcocoa” and the second line “Amelie line”.

The sales floor consists of three floors. A basement floor where discount items are lined up, a ground floor where coats, tweeds, and lace items are collected, and a second floor where blouses, skirts, and floral items are brilliant.

There is also a space on the first floor where only accessories and black items are collected, so take a look.

Based on the concept “Romantic & Girlish”, there are plenty of items that pursue femininity rather than basic design.

Therefore, the age range of customers is wide, and there are many repeaters who like floral patterns, lace, dresses.

Designers are conscious of the casual and girly atmosphere in everyday life and the creation of items that can express femininity.

The fitting room is on the second floor and the cash register is on the first floor. 

The store is located on an alley off the main street.

Apparel, cosmetics shops, restaurants, etc. are crowded on the left and right, just steps from Hongdae Street. As soon as you enter a narrow alley, you can see it.

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