“OLIVE YOUNG” is a popular Korean drugstore based on the concept of “Health & Beauty”.

The large two-story store located in Myeong-dong, a popular tourist destination in Seoul, is characterized by the fact that new products come in quickly.

Since the first store opened in 1999, there are hundreds of stores throughout Seoul and of course Korea.

The shop has a wide selection of cosmetics, perfumes, miscellaneous goods and food, and a corner where you can actually experience some of the products.

Popular items include makeup tools such as sponges and puffs, mask packs and acne patches, and are also recommended as Korean souvenirs!

A popular cosmetic brand is 「Dr.Jart +」.

Also, Korean packs have a reputation for being cheap and of good quality, and many people buy them in bulk. There are various types of essences such as collagen and green tea, as well as those containing Korean herbs.

TAX-FREE service is also available, so you can enjoy shopping efficiently. There is also a café on the second floor, so it’s perfect for a break from shopping.

The appeal of OLIVE YOUNG is, of course, its service and product lineup. It can be used when purchasing something not sold at a convenience store or going to a specialty store is a little burdensome.

Prices are generally low, so if you see “OLIVE YOUNG” on the go, be sure to stop by.

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