Parking Street

There are many gourmet shops, cafes, and cheap and cute clothes, accessories, and general goods stores on the “Parking street”, which extends on both sides of the parking lot.

“Parking street” is named because there is a parking lot in the middle of the road! There are roads on both sides of the narrow and long parking lot, with various shops on both sides.

There are many Korean cosmetics shops, which are perfect for enjoying Korean shopping.

Walk along this street toward Subway Line 6 Sangsu Station and you will see “KT & G Sangsangmadang”. It is a landmark on the parking street with its modern facade of concrete and glass.

This is a must-visit spot if you visit the parking street, where you will find cinemas and live halls, design shops, galleries, and cafes.

Off this street, about 250m near Hongik University Station has no parking lot, it is a street where clothes and fashion goods are mainly lined, and there is a parallel back street.

This is also called “Hongdae Street”, and it becomes a pedestrian paradise from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), and it is full of more people.

Be careful when walking because the cars that go in and out of the parking lot come and go frequently, even though the cars are not on the street.

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