Four-member BIGBANG without Seungri… Should negative opinion be turned through music?

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Group BIGBANG (G-Dragon Taeyang T.O.P Daesung) resumes its activity. Interest is growing on the return of BIGBANG, who turned into a four-member group after Seungri withdrew from the team due to the Burning Sun controversy.

On January 3, YG Entertainment announced that BIGBANG has confirmed its appearance at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California from April 10-19.

According to the lineup that Coachella announced on SNS, BIGBANG will be on stage twice on April 10 and 17.

After various controversies, former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk, who has stopped SNS activities, is also promoting the BIGBANG’s Coachella appearance in 10 months.

YG Entertainment has been in the midst of a crisis, starting with the “Burning Sun” controversy and allegedly suspicious of group B.I’s drugs, to Yang Hyun-suk’s sexual advances and habitual gambling. This is why music fans are attracting attention to the news of BIGBANG, the most influential artist in their company.

Since its debut In 2006, BIGBANG has left numerous hit songs including with many hit songs including ‘Flower Road’, ‘FXXK IT’, ‘LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE’, ‘Bang Bang Bang’, and ‘LOSER’. They foretold the second act of lie as a singer after the military discharge, but the situation changed.

First of all, the biggest change is that member Seungri withdrew from the team due to the Burning Sun controversy. BIGBANG, which has been recognized by the public as a five-member group for more than a decade, should be on stage as a four-member future. Four are better than anyone, but you need to see if they can make up for the absence of Seungri.

You can’t overlook the negative modifiers that follow the remaining members.

T.O.P was caught in the weed smoking during his service, and G-Dragon has come up with a variety of preferential controversies. Daesung also had to be at the center of the issue due to the controversy that illegal entertainment business was carried out in his own building.

On the news of the return of BIGBANG, netizens responded with a welcome response: “BIGBANG’s stage is always expected,” “Waiting for its return,” but “Are you authorized to be self-sufficient in your actions?” “I think there was a member who said to leave the team”, but it is obvious that there are those who give negative opinions also.

Four BIGBANG members kicked off after their discharge. Attention is drawn to whether they can turn negative opinions on them with music.

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