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What is Hanyang University?

It is a private university in Korea, originally founded by the Institute of Technology, so the engineering department is famous and there are more boys than girls on the campus.

There are many slopes and stairs on campus.

One of the long stairs is named 88 steps because there are 88 steps.

It is written as “Patriotic” in red and “Hanyang” in blue.

Red is also called A stairs and blue is called F stairs.

Students say that when they go to the red stairs, their grade will be A, and when they go to the blue, their grade will be F.

Therefore, there seems to be a rare legend that most students go up and down the red stairs and most do not use the blue stairs.

Korean universities

There is an original jacket for the University.

Basically, only those who attend the school can buy it.

Also, the design may change depending on the school, but the name of the department and the year of enrollment are marked.

You can also enter a name.

Also, it is actually difficult to enter because it is also known as a relatively smart school in Korea.

And since there are many international students from many countries, nearby Wangsimni Station or Hanyang University Station can also see many foreigners.

Foreigners mainly

This is a language school and so it has regular admissions.

It ’s a language school so

Students take Korean classes at different levels.

Hanyang University is popular with TOPIK students because it offers teaching materials and classes suitable for TOPIK.

If you are interested, please see below.

This year

Hanyang University Language School

Spring semester 2020

Opening 3.9-5.21

Classification test 3.4 10:00 am

Registration period 1.2 ~ 1.31

Summer semester 2020 Opening 6.8-8.17 Classification test 6.3 10:00 am Registration period 4.1 – 4.29

Fall semester 2020 

Open 9.7- 11.18

Classification test 9.2 10:00 am

Registration period 7.1 – 7.24

Winter semester 2020

Open 12.7- 2021.2.18

Classification test 12.2 10:00

Registration period 10.5 – 10.30

The content may vary from country to country, so check it on the homepage.

Also, regular admission

Enroll in the same general university as regular Korean students.

However, depending on the school and not the same test, there are some places where students can write their Korean proficiency and self-introduction.

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