Group X1’s company, CJ ENM, today (6th) group meeting, determines direction of activity”

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Discussions will be held today (6th) to determine the direction of Group X1’s future activities.

Joy News24, on the 6th, reported that the heads of X1’s members, CJ ENM officials, and Swing Entertainment officials would meet in Seoul every afternoon.

According to the report, officials will express their opinions on the dismantling and enforcement of X1, and will proceed with a large framework agreement.

CJ ENM announced a formal apology on the 29th of last month when it held a press conference related to the controversy on ‘Produce’ series operation.

CJ ENM said, “All responsibility lies with us. We will support everything to resume IZ*ONE and X1 activities. Considering the mental pains of members and the opinions of our fans, we will support Aizu One X One to be active as soon as possible. ”

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