‘ITZY’, Rookie of the Year, 8-star Rising Star … ‘Monster Rookie’

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The group ITZY (not) has the honor of 8 crown winners and shows off the unstoppable act of ‘monster rookie’.

ITZY made its debut on February 12, 2019 with the title song ‘Daladala’ of the first digital single ‘IT’z Different’.

The debut song ‘Daladala’ won the title of ‘record maker’ in the shortest period of terrestrial music broadcasting and nine music broadcasting in the shortest period of K-pop girl group.

ITZY appeared like a comet with a combination of perfect performance, octagonal charm, and gorgeous stage manners. Here are some of ITZY’s achievements that embellished the year 2019.

# Unmatched ITZY, Rookie of the Year

ITZY won the first rookie award at the “ 2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS ” in 171 days of debut.

Afterwards, ITZY won the trophy at ‘2019 Melon Music Awards’ (MMA 2019 Imagine by Kia) and ‘2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards’.

In addition, at the 34th Golden Disc Awards with Tick Talk held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 4th, we enjoyed the joy of two crowns. ITZY won the Rookie of the Year award in the digital music category and set a grand record in the ‘Rookie of the Year 8 crowns’, and received the main award in the digital music category.

As a result, ITZY proved its status as ‘the best newcomer’, who was recognized not only for the rookie award but also the sound source power.

# Overseas Showcase Tour & Luxury Brand Fashion Show Invitation

ITZY is an overseas showcase tour ‘ITZY PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR’ ITZY? ITZY! ” (Is there a premier showcase tour ‘Are you ?!’) meets fans in 11 regions of America and Asia.

The showcase, which began in Jakarta on November 2, 2019, completed performances in Macau, Taipei, Manila, Singapore, and Bangkok, followed by Los Angeles, USA on the 17th, Minneapolis on the 19th, Houston on the 22nd, Washington on the 24th, and New York on the 26th. It is expected to inform the charm of ITZY.

ITZY was reborn as a global fashion icon by attending the LOUIS VUITTION fashion show, the world’s luxury brand, within three months of its debut.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Fashion Show held at the TWA terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, USA on May 8 and last year’s Louis Vuitton Spring / ITZY was invited to the ’20 Summer Fashion Show (Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2020 Fashion Show).

# ‘Daladala’, ‘ICY’ MV 2 consecutive big hits

The debut song “ Daladala ” music video released by ITZY on February 11, 2019, exceeded 100 million views on YouTube on April 8 at 1:40 pm. The K-pop debut group has exceeded 100 million views in the shortest period of time, proving its status as a super rookie.

Through the ‘Daladala’ activity, K-Pop Girl Group set the No. 1 record for terrestrial music broadcasting, and made a total of nine crowns of music broadcasting to announce a different start.

The title track ‘ICY’ (IC) of the first mini album ‘ITZY’s ICY’ released on July 29 also became a popular march and succeeded in two consecutive big hits.

With ‘ICY’, ITZY was crowned 12 music broadcasters and ITZY was seized as the next generation of summer queen. In addition, on October 15, it achieved 100 million views of music videos and achieved the success of ‘100 consecutive views’.

Last year, the global video community YouTube announced ‘2019 YouTube Rewind’.

‘Daladala’ and ‘ICY’ ranked 2nd and 7th among 10 most loved music videos in Korea.

In particular, among the rookies who debuted in 2019, ITZY was ranked in the top ten, showing the potential of ‘monster rookie’. ITZY is the only one of the artists who posted the rankings for both songs released a year, as well as uploading several songs in the chart.

ITZY captured the music industry in 2019 with a very different charm. Attention is drawn to ITZY’s big success in 2020.

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