The popular Korean fashion brand “STYLENANDA” started from an online shop. The store in Myeongdong, opened in October 2016, is very popular not only with Koreans but also with overseas visitors.

As the name implies, the Myeongdong branch, named “Pink Hotel”, is based on the concept of a cute pink hotel. Each floor from the 1st to the 5th floor has a cute interior that matches different themes.

On the 1st and 2nd floors, popular cosmetics from 3CE, a cosmetic brand born from STYLENANDA.

Due to the functionality and the cuteness of the packaging, many celebrities love it and it has become a hot topic.

In front of the neon sign with a bathtub on the second floor is a famous selfie spot.

On the 3rd floor, which features the theme of hotel accommodation rooms, mainly clothes are sold. The red-carpeted hotel aisles are lined with clothes.

From the latest trends in Korean fashion to basic designs, the variety of product lineups is attractive.

The 4th floor has a coin laundry concept and sells hats and accessories.

The interior washing machine is real! Faithfully reproduced, such as a counter that imitates the reception of dry cleaning, it is a space like a real laundry.

The fifth-floor cafe with a pool theme. There is a photogenic menu that is sure to look good on SNS.

Drinks and desserts from the cafe can also be brought to the rooftop terrace lounge. The large cushions are characteristic and are perfect for a break.

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