‘Doc. Romantic season 2’, a new family members gathered at Doldam Hospital

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Ahn Hyo-seop (Seo Woojin) and Cha Eun-chae (Lee Sung-kyung) came to Doldam Hospital for a different reason.

In the first episode of the SBS drama ‘Doctor Romantic season 2′ on the 6th, Ahn Hyo-seop and Cha Eun-chae, who were gathered at Kim Sabu’s Doldam Hospital.

Kim Sabu found the cause of the disease by watching Park Min-guk’s live surgery. Thanks to Kim Sabu’s memo, Park could undergo the operation stably.

Cha Eun-jae, who came out of the emergency room exiting Kim Sabu, asked “How was it possible to diagnose that the operating surgeon couldn’t find?” But Cha Eun-jae, who was accompanied by an emergency call, was rebuked by Kim.

Cha Eun-jae, who was told that she was chewing on dog shit, went into the operating room after eating the nerve stabilizer he had eaten. An operating doctor warned Cha Eun-jae, “Don’t be sleepy this time. When you fall asleep again during operation, you are permanently expelled.”

Cha Eun-jae, who overcame drowsiness due to the energy during surgery, eventually fell out of the operating room. Kim, who watched the scene, smiled bitterly.

Cha Eun-jae had been a trauma since taking an anatomy lecture as an undergraduate. The professor, who found that she takes neuro stabilizers, said, “How does a thoracic surgeon eat neuro stabilizers?” “Get dismissed or dispatch to a branch, Doldam hospital in Jeongseon. ”

Cha Eun-jae, who finally went to Doldam Hospital, worried about her future while watching a nurse and an administrative office fight.

Kim Sabu, who was performing surgical operation of a patient in a car accident, was tired. As he watched the new operating room with the state-of-the-art equipment for a while, Kim looked proud.

Seo Woo-jin, who was chased by a debtor, was headed to Doldam Hospital. He and Cha Eun-jae, Yoon Areum were interviewed by Kim Sabu who was waiting at the entrance of the hospital.

Seo Woojin said to embarrass Kim “I’m here for the money. How much can you give me? How much you can buy me?”

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