machi machi

“machi machi” is called “God’s Cheese Tea” by Taiwanese media, and is a hot topic cheese tea specialty store.

Each cup of Taiwanese tea is carefully extracted to provide an unprecedented sensational experience through a new sense of dessert drinks that confine the taste with salty rich cheese cream (cheese cap).

Today, it is growing into a popular tea shop in the world, not only in Taiwan, but also in South Korea, London, Japan, and China.

The secret of the deliciousness of cheese tea lies in the “golden ratio cheese cap” that was born through trial and error.

The “Cheese Cap,” which combines fresh cream and salt in an exquisite balance with cream cheese carefully selected from all over the world, features the finest texture as if it were like a cloud and the original flavor of the cheese.

Enhance the flavor of Taiwanese tea.

The perfectly calculated balance is just “God’s cheese tea”. Please enjoy the finest taste to your heart’s content.

HOW TO DRINK [The right way to enjoy “God’s cheese tea”]

1. First of all, without using a straw, taste the cheese cap directly from the cap’s dedicated cheese spout.

2. After enjoying the cheese cap, use a straw to enjoy Taiwanese tea at the bottom of the cup straight. You can experience the rich aroma of tea leaves.

3. Finally, mix the cheese cap with Taiwanese tea. Enjoy the mellowness and richness of cheese foam and the golden balance of Taiwanese tea with a light taste.

You can also choose sweetness.




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