Myeongdong Cathedral 1898 Square

Myeongdong Cathedral is one of the landmarks that represent Myeongdong, a popular shopping district for tourists. The magnificent Gothic architecture standing opposite the Royal Hotel Seoul on the eastern side of the area is still eye-catching.

The Myeong-dong cathedral is a Catholic church completed in 1898, standing in a majestic atmosphere in Myeong-dong.

It was a popular tourist attraction, not only for Catholics but also for tourists. However, repairs and new projects were being planned for the aging of the cathedral and the development of tourism.

As a result of this plan, the new cultural space “1898 Square” was newly created on the site of the cathedral.

It is an underground mall where shops and bookstores that sell “official goods of Myeongdong Cathedral” as well as cafes and restaurants enter.

And exhibitions are held in the gallery, which can be watched for free, and concerts are also held regularly to attract the viewers.

If you go down the stairs leading to the basement along the street in front of the cathedral, the entrance to the underground mall will appear.

The inside of the plaza is a quiet and calm space unlike the bustling city of Myeongdong, so it is also recommended as a resting place during sightseeing.

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