Picasso Street

Hongik University

Many students from all over Korea who are aspiring to be artists, designers, architects, and musicians come together here.

Hongik University is one of Korea’s leading art universities, and many prominent artists and designers are graduates of Hongik University.

Hongik University is a place where artists’ eggs are gathered, so there is a unique place near the campus. That’s this “Picasso street”.

Around Hongik University (known as Hongdae), there are many young people who are trendy, day and night, and there is a fragrance of art here and there.

Walking around the back alleys of Hongdae, colorful pop murals can be seen everywhere.

Picasso Street spreads along the campus of Hongik University. Artistic murals are painted everywhere on the street, making it a popular photo spot.

Enjoy the unique culture of Hongdae, including artistic mural spots, street performances, and flea markets.

※The area around Picasso Street is a residential area, so be careful not to disturb the residents when sightseeing.

Access >>>

A 3-minute walk from Exit 2 of Sangsu Station on Subway Line 6

There is a broadcasting station called FEBC, so when you enter the alley next to it, you will see Picasso Street.

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