Seoul Road 7017

The Seoul Station Elevated Road, which runs east and west just south of Seoul Station, a cornerstone of Seoul’s transportation, was completed in the 1970s.

More than 45 years after its opening, the deterioration of the piers became a problem and removal was considered. In the end, however, it was completely renovated and reborn as a pedestrian path.

It was named “Seoul Road 7017” after it was opened in the 1970s and renewed in 2017.

It is connected to a total of 17 locations, including Seoul Station and other nearby hotels and subway stations, so you can walk to popular tourist spots.

On the sidewalk, there are Korean gourmet shops, cafes, souvenir shops, and event spaces where performances are held, so it is full of highlights.

“Seoul Road 7017” with a total length of about 1 km. It is also good to walk only a part of the area around Seoul Station using the elevator and stairs. It’s good to aim for Seoul Station from Namdaemun Market, and vice versa. It is attractive because it can be accessed from various places and visitors can freely set visiting courses.

The area around the intersection in front of Seoul Station is the highlight of Seoul Road 7017.

Many people take a commemorative photo because you can see Korean railcars from the Sungnyemun gate, the old and new Seoul Stations, and directly above the tracks! Let’s take a picture of central Seoul from the bridge!

After sunset, it is lit up and wrapped in a fantastic mood. Why don’t you visit “Seoul Road 7017”, which looks different from the daytime?

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