ZICO releases new song ‘Any Song on 13th… Opens up activities in 2020

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A producer and artist ZICO returns with the new song ‘Any Song’.

ZICO will release a digital single ‘Nothing’ at 6 pm on the 13th and will begin activities in 2020.

The upcoming track ‘Any Song’’ is characterized by a witty chorus composed of an exciting rhythm. It is expected that you will be able to enjoy ZICO’s excellent performance, which lets you freely move rap and vocals.

Furthermore, let’s take a look at the anticipated points of the new song ‘Any Song’, as ZICO has participates in writing and composing himself, and boasts high perfection.

# 2020 beginning

In January of last year, ZICO, who established KOZ Entertainment and started his solo career, is celebrating its first anniversary.

ZICO, who has been active as an artist, producer, and CEO, has foreseen lots of activities in 2020.

First of all, the digital single “Any Song” will be released at 6 pm on the 13th. Afterwards he will hold the second solo concert ‘KING OF THE ZUNGLE-WEATHER CHANGER’ at Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium on February 22-23.

# Cheerful transformation

As ZICO gave his deep thoughts to the public through his first full album ‘THINKING’ after 8 years of debut, this time, he will gather friends and hold a small party and say, “Once, Play any song” and have a comfortable conversation.

Prior ZICO unveiled the concept photo and music video teaser video with a pleasant and comical look under the concept of `ZICO’s birthday party without ZICO’, and raised expectations of ZICO’s light music.

# Zico, as a producer ZICO

The new song `Any Song’ is witten and composed by ZICO, and plans to prove the musical ability of producer ZICO again.

In particular, as ZICO is a hit maker with various genres of hits such as ‘Say Yes ​​or No’, ‘Eureka ‘,’ I Am You, You are Me’, ‘ Artist ‘, Boys and Girls’, ‘Human’, ‘Being Left’, much expectation is coming to this new song ‘Any Song’.

In addition, ZICO participated in producing the group Super Junior’s 9th repackage album, ‘2YA2YAO!’ and gathered topic.

ZICO heralds that he will make a remarkable activities in 2020, starting with the new song ‘Any Song’.

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