Chicken Street

In Myeong-dong, a popular shopping area for tourists, there is a so-called “ Chicken Street ”, which has six stores including famous chain stores, and it is full of customers who come to taste beer and fried chicken every day. 

In Korea, when it gets warmer, table seats are lined up outdoors, so you can enjoy so-called outside drinking. Downtowns like Myeong-dong are no exception, and Chicken Street is lined with simple tables and chairs.

There is a line of shops with distinctive menus, and you can choose the one that suits your taste. The best menu of the popular chain store “BHC” is “Bburinkcle (뿌링클)” where you can enjoy the richness of cheese and the scent of garlic.

If you are not good at fried food, how about oven chicken? “Chil Chil Kentucky(칠칠켄터키)” has a wide variety of menus, including creative iron plate dishes.

For those who are particular about beer, we recommend not only fried chicken but also “MEXX World Chicken(맥쓰세게치킨),” which has a wide variety of beers such as homemade beer. Located on the second floor of a building facing the west side of Chicken Street.

Recently, Korean crispy chicken is often seen on YouTube.

When you come on a trip, be sure to enjoy the authentic taste.

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