Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace is one of the five great palaces in Korea. Located in a business district with towering skyscrapers beside the Seoul City Hall, it is a kind of oasis-like space where office workers take a walk during lunch break.

Originally a residence where the royal family lived in the Joseon Dynasty, the residence of the king was moved here in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty and became a palace.

Most of the buildings are not in traditional Korean style, but in Western architecture. There are also oriental buildings where official national events took place, some water clocks and traditional bells. The work shift ceremony of soldiers who guard the Royal Palace in front of the main gate, Dahan Gate, is also reproduced.

Entrance of “Deoksugung Palace”. Originally, the main gate of “Deoksugung Palace” was “Inhwamun”, not “Daehan Gate”. However, in the 1900s, several roads were created around Daehan Gate, and the convenient access to Daehan Gate gradually became the main gate.

Like the main gate of other palaces, there was a square where military censorship ceremonies and gatherings were held, but as the “ Daehan Gate ” took on the role of the main gate, “ Infwa Gate ” became unused and the square was automatically It became obsolete.

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