Hongdae Walking Street


On the Hongdae Walking Street (걷고싶은거리), which spreads from around Hongdae Entrance Station, street performances such as dance and live music are performed every day after evening, so that you can feel Hongdae’s youth culture.

This is a road with green spaces and plazas in the middle of the street. The shops along this street are lined with fashion shops, general stores, and food shops that are even cheaper than “Parking Street.”

From 2:00 pm to 10 pm on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), it becomes a pedestrian paradise, and various street performances are performed.

There are more gourmet restaurants than fashion shops, and you can also enjoy the famous Korean food Samgyeopsal on “Hongdae Walking Street”.

The feature is that the cheaper and more popular Samgyeopsal restaurants and taverns is increase as you approach Hongik University Station Exit 7.

Food stores generally tend to be cheaper and have more shops for students. 

There are more gourmet shops than shopping, and the closer you are to Hongik University Station on the Airport Railroad, the cheaper the shops and taverns in Samgyeopsal are.

The tourist information center in the Hongdae area is also near the entrance of this street.

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