“KAKAO FRIENDS STORE” where character goods of the messenger application “KAKAO TALK” are lined up.

The first floor with the latest goods. New concept products such as mugs and stuffed toys are replaced every season.

The main floor of the shop is the second floor.

Various products are displayed, from stationery such as ballpoint pens and notepads to electronic devices such as iPhone cases and USB cables, as well as travel goods, cosmetics, and pouches.

Kakao Friends characters are set up among many items, so you can enjoy shooting while shopping.

The cafe is located on the third floor, so the shop floor is a bit narrow, but it sells unique paintings and living-related supplies that may be good for decorating your home.

The biggest attraction of Kakao Friends Store Hongdae store is the cafe on the third floor. You can take a photo with a popular Kakao Friends character, Ryan, in a cafe.

Cute items such as iphone cases, pen cases and stuffed animals are perfect for Korean souvenirs! You can also take a commemorative photo at the photo spot inside the store. Why do not you leave memories of your trip, such as shopping and photography, surrounded by Korean original characters and Kakao Friends?

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