BTS to meet the fans with philosophy and contemporary art … Opening ‘Connect, BTS’

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BTS representing K-Pop will collaborate with the world’s contemporary artists, connecting pure art and popular art.

The global contemporary art exhibition project ‘CONNECT, BTS’, held by world-renowned artists of different nationalities, genres, and generations in collaboration with global artist BTS, will be held around the world for three months.

‘CONNECT, BTS’ is a global project that spans about three months by 22 contemporary artists involving 22 artists across five cities: London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul and New York.

The world’s best contemporary artists and curators support BTS ‘philosophy, including affirmation of “diversity,” and showcases works that have been expanded into contemporary art language.

Through this, BTS will deliver their philosophy and message to the world through not only music but also new areas of contemporary art.

Lee Dae-hyung, the director of art in Korea (former art director of the Korean Pavilion at Venice Biennale), is in charge of the planning of exhibition projects. And Ben Vickers and K Watson of London, Stephanie Rosenthal and Noemi Solomon of Berlin, and Thomas Arnold of New York participated in the planning of each national exhibition project.

The exhibition begins on January 14 at the London Serpentine Gallery. Danish media artist Jacob Steenson presents Catharsis, a scan and reconstruction of a real wild forest landscape. The virtual landscape created by photographing the scenery in the forest is realized as a digital video image. Visitors can watch the video from anywhere in the world through the ‘CONNECT, BTS’ websites.

From January the 15th, a group exhibition will be held on the theme of ‘Rituals of Care’ at the Martin Gropius Bau Museum in Berlin, Germany. This exhibition is a performance exhibition program organized by Stephanie Rosenthal Martin Gropius Bau Art Director and Noemi Solomon. The exhibition includes Jelly Lily Artik, Boychild, Chevrolet Erek, Marcelo Evelin, Maria Haxabi, Mete Invarchen, Babamura and Candomblele Berlin, Antonya Livingstone and Bill Fontana.

From the 21st, the installation project will be showcased in the Argentine salt desert. Argentinean installation artist Thomas Saraseno unveils his ‘Fly with Aerocene Pacha’ at Salinas Grandes in northern Argentina. Floating levitation device using only air, solar, and wind, without using fossil fuels, is placed on the vast salt field spread like a snowy field. Aerocene is a flight project based on the artist’s imagination of climate-based topography, which extends the living quarters of Earth’s life above the sky based solely on energy from nature.

World-renowned star sculptor Anthony Gomley also took part in the project. Anthony Gomley will be presenting her work ‘New York Clearing’ at the Brooklyn Bridge Pier 3 in New York on February 4. ‘New York Clearing’ is a three-dimensional sculpture made up of 18 km of aluminum wire that allows the audience to walk directly into the work. It is a work that is recorded in different landscapes according to the audience’s movement and gaze. It is suggested to communicate with those who walk and walk in the work.

The Korean exhibition project will kick off at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul on the 28th. British artist Ann Veronica Janssen archives a space-installed work that uses light and fog to create a variety of textures and emotions. Korean artist Kang Yi-yeon presents the ‘Project Mapping’ work, inspired by the main choreography of BTS, in the archive exhibition section.

Visitors can experience a special docent featuring BTS members when they visit the exhibition sited of five cities.

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