Mamamoo’s Solar & Kassy‘s ‘A song from the past’ released today (16th)

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Mamamoo Solar and Kassy’s collaboration duet song “A song from the past” unveils.

Solar and Kassy will release their collaboration song ‘A song from the past’ at 6 pm on various music sites. ‘A song from the past’ is a retro genre of R&B ballads creating the current interpretation of R&B in the 90’s and it unfolds the familiar love story like the old pop songs that you will find from time to time, perhaps quite often.

Especially Solar’s explosive vocal power and Kassy’s warm voice meet to maximize the emotional synergy, and the harmony of the two giving and receiving like a conversation with each other gives a long afterglow.

The hit-maker Cho Young-soo participated in the composition, and Solar and Kassy joined writing the lyrics together.

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