Girls Talk & Party culture in Korea ☆

Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I want to introduce about the culture of girls talk and party in Korea!🙂

In Korea, there is a common saying among women, ‘All you have only left is pictures.’

Korean women care very much about their profile photos and the pictures where they are shown.

korean women want to look happy anytime. So they ask their friends to take pictures, or they ask adjust the angle of the pictures to friend.
they often ask you to hold on to cell phone. we says Just like a joke, we have to take 300 pictures to get three to four pictures.”

So in Korea, when we meet with our girlfriends, we have selfie time.

When you find a place where selfies are good or look more beauty, you take turns sitting there and selfie time.

And women’s chatter begins

at the

Three to four hours of talking in the basic cafe is basic. These days, if you are uncomfortable to talk in a cafe or talk too loud,we think it can be a civil nuisance to others! Go to one of your friends’ home and meet everyone, order a cafe drink and have it delivered.

And we go to the restaurant and also chatter for 1 to 2 hours.

Isn’t it amazing?

And when we go to the restaurant, we take pictures of the food at an good angle and post them on own Instagram.

And when we have a girls party, we all wear the dress code and meet.

And we have either book a good hotel or rent a party room and enjoy the party for one night.

Then, buy a type balloon attached to the wall and attach it to the wall and take a picture with wearing party clothes.

Girls party order a lot of delivery food and have a conversation with beer and champagne or wine.

Alcohol is basic.

So there is a saying.

“The end of the Girl’s party is a hangover and a picture.”

Because women’s chatter never ends, if it’s accompanied by alcohol, they can talk about their secret and also can talk about the difficult social life you are going through.

The atmosphere is very hot because we have secret conversations that others cannot have.

In Korea, we share what you did with your boyfriend and what happened with your boyfriend.
There is no secret between them because they tell their friends in detail.

If you only told this to one friend, you should talk again when all the friends are together.

So when you talk about your boyfriend to your friends in Korea, you always say, “Just break up.”lol
But the friend who counseled the trouble never breaks up.

Later on, I think it was a meaningless conversation.friend not going to break up with boyfriend anyway, that time friend just going to tell you boyfriend problem what she felt back then.
As a result of the conversation, the couple will love each other again if the emotion dies down.

And if it is a birthday party or a special friendship party, give to each other gift and they write hand letter.

If there’s a process like this, of course, there should be a picture taken with a gift at the end. We have selfie time again.

Korean women love selfies.

If you think the picture will come out pretty, bring it and take a picture.

So Koreans are good at Photoshop because they take a lot of pictures, so they have a lot of Photoshop experience There are photoshop time and selfie time alone.

After chatting with each other, sudden we make a photoshop time.

(So this is a secret, but there are many cases where the photo face is different from the actual face><)

There are many things to talk about because Korea friends shares everything, even what it thinks is personal privacy.

You can have such a long conversation because you always try to share it with your friends instead of solving it alone.

What do you think? Don’t you think this is a Korean culture?

In Korea, chatting with friends like this is a way to relieve stress.

This is how the pictures of girls talk and party that you can easily see on Instagram are done!kk

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