The Pali Pali culture of Koreans!

Hi! I am Bella who introduces you to Korean news!

Today, I introduce about Pali Pali Korean culture!

This episode really happened to me today!

I was riding a bus, Grandma was waiting in front of the door to stand and get off.

But Suddenly, the vehicle was interrupted while the bus was running adn stopped and my grandmother stumbled!

Then the bus driver got angry and said to his grandmother! It’s not too late to wake up after the bus stops.

he shouted! I saw it! Apparently, the bus driver was surprised and worried that his grandmother might get hurt.I think he shouted at grandma because bus driver was surprised.

There are so many phrases attached to the bus these days. “Please get up after the bus stops and get off.” ‘Please’ emphasize that.

But Koreans can’t wait! When the stop is near, I get up in advance and touching cards by machine.Touch and get off first!

No matter how much they warn you, it’s a habit that can’t be fixed!

And Koreans wait long even when they go to the bank, so they get a number and wait. And hopefully it will be processed as soon as we wait

When you meet a bank clerk who will handle your work, ask him to do it faster with frustration that it won’t be done quickly.

Can you believe that if you try to open an account in Korea, it takes only five minutes?

In a foreign country, it took me a week to open an account!

And if korean make a delivery at home, a message will tell you how long it takes.

But if korean see it and come any minute later than that time, call the store and complain.

And especially parcels! If the delivery comes late after ordering the goods, it’s going to be crazy.

Koreans definitely want everything to be over in a day or two!

And if korean try to install the Internet at home! The next day, they will visit you right away and install the Internet by the next day.

I heard that it takes 1 to 2 months for a foreign country!

Koreans will never

be able to wait!lol

So, do you know that there is a rocket delivery in Korea? If Korea orders before 00 a.m. that day, it will be the next day delivery comes.
We can get so pali pali the goods delivered!

You can order it at 23:59 and get it tomorrow! This is the unique delivery culture of Korea!

And did you know that the coffee mix in Korea was also made because of the fast culture of Korea?

The process of mixing prim and sugar in coffee takes time too, so they just made the product mix coffee from the beginning!kkk

Living in Korea, you feel so comfortable because anything is done quickly!

But because everything has to be done quickly, the staff who handle it are very hard.the staff can’t help but be so tired!And we can’t wait to get the results and the words! Koreans hate to wait!

So the call center counselors used to be a lot harder! a heard swear words if not done quickly.So many telephone counselors appealed mentally and quit too much work, so that the country has laws to protect them.So now all the calls are recorded and If the callers swear, the staff can hang up.

If you go back to your country after living in Korea for a long time, you will think everything is too slow lol

When I studied in Japan, I did not understand very much in a different environment than Korea. Of course Japan has a long time because everything has to be thoroughly tested, but it was not easy to understand because I am Korean.

And Korea wants to get effect quickly after purchasing cosmetics.normally wants to get effect have to use the product for about a month.

However, Koreans are very dissatisfied if they can’t wait for a month and still don’t get effect after three days.

Of course, there are pros and cons of everything being done quickly!

I think it will come in a bad way!

I think Korea really says ‘quick up(pali pali)’ a lot! When you come to Korea, you get in a hurry everything.

You’ll find yourself saying ‘quick(pali)’!

But these days, we are spreading a slow-thinking culture to Korea by saying, “Let’s take time to think with ease.”

But it will be really hard to change your long-standing habit!

Next time, I will come back with more interesting news!

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