‘MOMO ♥’ Kim Heechul’s feeling after going public their romantic relationship … “Felt guilty for cheering my fans, put off my solo album “

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul confessed his heart after admitting his dating with TWICE MOMO.

Kim Heechul appeared as a guest in the web entertainment ‘Petionista Tangoo’, which was released on Naver TV and V LIVE on 28th, and showed sibling chemistry of ‘emotional highs and lows’ with Taeyeon.

On this day, for Taeyeon’s question on anything worried, Kim Heechul said about the public relationship with Momo, “I’m so sorry for both fans when this issue happened and the fans gave me a lot of applause. I thought that I’ve never made 15 years of my entertainment activities bad and I should work harder in the future” he said about his open relationship with Momo.

“Although even the fans are upset, but they told me that they would be all right. For the more they were thankful that I have never caused a big mishap. The size of the bowl that I can accept is so small but so many people give me more love than that, I am sorry to get all this love. My ability may not be enough to be a celebrity (I thought). Thank you and sorry for the fans.”

He continued, “I have been preparing a solo album. The title of the song was ‘Flower Petals’. But recently, after going public dating with Momo, I folded it. I wanted to block misunderstandings. I’m afraid but it doesn’t seem to be the wrong choice”

“I won’t be able to sing the song in the voice I have now at the age of 38, but still, I think positively that I can sing it in my voice later.”

Kim Heechul attracted attention as his first public romantic relationship after his debut. Kim Heechul and Momo officially acknowledged their dating.

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul’s group Super Junior will release the 9th regular repackage album ‘TIMELESS’ at 6 pm.

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