Park Haejin & Jo Boah starring ‘Forest’ to premiere Today (29th)… Foretell their healing romance

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The upcoming drama ‘Forest’ will be aired today (29th).

KBS2’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Forest’ (playwright Lee Sun-young, director Oh Jong-rok, Production IHQ, Star Force, GaziContents) will tell the story of a man who has everything except a heart and a woman who has lost everything except her heart, meet in a mysterious forest and uncover the secret of themselves and the forest.

The playwright Lee Sun-young, who has delicate and resounding expression power, combined with the director Oh Jong-rok’s fine details. Actor Park Hae-jin and Jo Boah are the main actors and Noh Kwang-sik, Jung Yeonjoo and Ryu Seungsoo appear at the drama.

‘Forrest’ is expected to continue unexpected every time as the figures who have extremely realistic desires meet with each other in a space called ‘Miryeong Forest’.

 It conveys the comfort and the sound of the heart created by the aesthetics of slowness and the magnificence of nature through the forest settlement, and heralds the “healing romance” that tickles deep inside.

In addition, the perfectionist, who is willing to do anything to achieve his goal, transforms himself into a 119 special aviation rescue team, detailing its system and performance of the 119 special rescue team. Various occupations are expected to appear, including a wooden lumberjack who sells and harvests state forests to a saw mill, and an officer in charge of forest protection for the county government, which is granted a special judicial police system.

“Forest,” which will deliver warmth and healing wave set in the forest, will premiere at 10 pm on the January 29th.

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