HYUKOH released the 5th album ‘Through Love’ today (30th)

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‘Global trend band’ HYUKOH is back with a new album.

HYUKOH’s fifth album, “Through Love,” will be released simultaneously on music sites around the world on January 30 at 6 pm

HYUKOH, who has been singing various strengths and thoughts of youth by releasing albums with age titles such as ’20’, ’22’, and ’23’, chose ‘Through Love’ as the title.

HYUKOH suggests ‘love’ as a daily practice and method through the album title and the music.

HYUKOH’s love is another word for deep love for the subject he finds and the happiness he finds.

This album contains six tracks, including ‘Help’ and ‘Hey Sun’. HYUKOH said, “Every song has a unique charm, but as this “Through Love” has a narration and stream, it is recommended to enjoy the whole song in a long breath.”

HYUKOH’s album cover included Wolfgang Tilllmans, a photographer who won the UK’s best contemporary art award, the Turner Prize.

Korean’s biggest indie-band HYUKOH jumped into the global band with 41 world tours after releasing EP ’24: How to find true love and happiness’ in 2018. In 2020, the tour is scheduled to travel through 42 cities covering Asia, Europe and North America.

While this album has been produced in the form of an envelope, and a picture of Wolfgang Tillmans made into a poster has been enclosed. It is currently undergoing pre-sale and will be available for purchase from offline stores starting February 4th.

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