7-member girl group CIGNATURE “To Deliver Good Energy”

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Dakyum]

The girl group CIGNATURE expressed their debut.

CIGNATURE (Chaesol, Jeewon, Ye Ah, SUNN, Seline, Belle, and Semi) held a showcase to commemorate their debut lead single A ‘NUN NU NAN NA’ release and performed new song at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on February 4th.

Celine said, “The debut song ‘NUN NU NAN NA’ music video was released yesterday. That’s why I realized my debut.

I have prepared hard and I would like you to give me a lot love.”

SUNN said, “I will deliver good energy of CIGNATURE’s own from now on.” Ye Ah added, “I’m not perfect, but please kindly understand that.

Meanwhile, CIGNATURE’s debut song ‘NUN NU NAN NA’ is a song made with the motif of ‘Nun Nu Nanna’, which spontaneously spits out when it is fun. It is a mix of heavy dubstep and disco genres based on traps, and the rhythmically changing drums are impressive. Released at 6 pm on this day.

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