Gyeonglidan Street

There is a slope of about 1km that runs from Noksapyeong Station on Subway Line 6 to the foot of Namsan.

This street, called “Gyeonglidan Street”, has been attracting attention in recent years as a unique street in Seoul, where you can find petit restaurants and unique cafés and shops where you can enjoy tastes from around the world.

Originally, the main avenue was called “ Gyeonglidan Street ”, but in recent years new shops have been created one after another in nearby alleys, and the entire surrounding area around the avenue has been recognized as “ Gyeonglidan Street ”

When visiting, it is recommended to take plenty of time, not only on the boulevard but also to stroll all the way to the surrounding alleys.

When you visit Gyeonglidan Street, you must go to a gourmet spot where you can enjoy international cuisine.

There are unique features of this area where people of various nationalities live together, such as a chef’s shop from each country and a shop that trains overseas and reproduces the authentic taste.

Trendy young people gather on Gyeonglidan Street.

In response, there are many cafes and sweets shops that are not only delicious but also add another concept.

On Gyeonglidan Street, unique select shops such as clothes, sundries, and accessories line up the main alleys as well as the surrounding alleys.

Take a stroll around the area and enter the shops you care about. Maybe you can find one thing that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Subway Line 6 Noksapyeong Station Exit 1

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