Netflix’ upcoming original series ‘My Holo Love’ production presentation replaced by live streaming

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The Netflix original series ‘My Holo Love’ production presentation replaces the event with online live streaming in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus.

On the 3rd, Netflix said, “The presentation of Netflix’s original series ‘My Holo Love’, which was scheduled for February the 4th, was forced to proceed online live streaming due to the concerns over the new coronavirus. We apologize for the sudden change and thank you for your understanding.”

The event will replace on-site coverage with live streaming due to new coronavirus concerns. Actors Yoon Hyun-min, Ko Seong-hee, creator Lee Sang-yeob, and playwright Ryu Yong-jae will attend and answer questions in advance.

‘My Solo Love’ tells about imperfect romance between So-yeon and perfect holographic being with artificial intelligence named Holo. Soyeon, a woman with a successful career but is alone to hide the pain of herself, forms a connection with a humanlike hologram who looks exactly like his prickly creator, Nando who is the genius creator behind Holo. Nando slowly falls in love with So-yeon but his cold personality, which contrasts with Holo’s, isn’t in his favor. It will be released via Netflix on February 7.

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