As a special rescuer, Park Hae-jin encounters Jo Bo-ah in ‘Forest’… “Forget me as a VIP”

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In ‘Forest’, Jung Young-jae (Jo Bo-ah) found out that Kang Sang-hyuk (Park Hae-in) became a rescue worker.

The KBS2 drama `Forest’, which was broadcasted on the 5th, depicts Kang Sang-hyuk and Jung Young-jae adapting to a new environment.

Kang Sang-hyuk, as a special rescuer, met with Chung Young-jae. Kang San-hyuk, who was watching surprised Chung Young-jae, said, “It is hard to forget the memories of me as a VIP. But forget about that and pretend you don’t know me.”

Kang Sang-hyuk, who had not earned the trust of rescue workers, quibbled about the detail with his boss. Kang Sang-hyuk said arrogantly, “There are outstanding people like me with intelligence and physical strength.”

The fellow crews who have watched the scene embarrassed him because they didn’t share training tips while descending drill.

 In particular, they left him behind and went for lunch to evoke mirth.

Jung Young-jae tried to adapt to the rural hospital. Jung Young-jae, who was applying for a new reading machine and waiting seats, argued with a nurse. To the nurse who doesn’t keep the items up-to-date, she said, “Let’s talk after customers leave out.”

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