Speaking of Yongsan, Yongsan Electronics Shopping Street (용산전자상가) is famous, but this time we want to introduce a large shopping mall “I’ Park Mall” adjacent to Yongsan Station.

The large shopping mall “I’ Park Mall” is directly connected to Yongsan Station on Subway Line 1. It is a multicultural living space belonging to the HYUNDAI group and consists of various specialized halls.

Almost half is occupied by the I-Park department store, which is divided into a fashion hall and a living hall. Other than that, “ digital specialty stores “such as home appliances and PCs, “combined movie theater CGV Yongsan “, supermarkets “ emart Yongsan store “, Restaurant area “and” event park “for outdoor performances” make up the rest of the space.

In addition to discounts and digital devices, there are duty-free shops, furniture specialty stores, department stores, fashion areas, hypermarkets, restaurant areas, movie theaters, large bookstores, and event spaces.

It is directly connected to Yongsan Station, making it easy to move around and indoor facilities that are not affected by the weather. It is large enough to be spent all day and is always full of people as a date spot or shopping area.

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Line 1 Yongsan Station Consolidated

Line 4 Sinyongsan Station Exit 3 5-minute walk

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