Mangwon Market

Mangwon-dong, which spreads near the Hangang River on the west side of Hongdae, a popular area, has developed around the Mangwon market since ancient times.

In the past, it was a local traditional market, but the gourmet of the market that frequently appears on TV programs, etc. is gaining popularity, and not only locals but also many tourists enjoy the gourmet unique to “Mangwon market ”.

In line with such market popularity, fashionable cafes and cafeterias have been opened one after another, and have been given the nickname of “Manglidan Street.”

The Mangwon market, which is said to have started gathering as a market since the late 1970s, is a traditional Korean market located between the Hongdae area, the western part of Seoul, and the World Cup Stadium. 

With a grocery store, a butcher shop, a fish shop, a fruit store, and a supermarket, the local market is indispensable for residents around Mangwon-dong where the market is located.

Opening hours vary from store to store, but many stores are preparing to close at around 8:00 pm, so visiting during the day is better.

“Mangwon market” is famous as a traditional market where not only local residents but also foreign tourists visit for local food unique to the market.

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