“MECENATPOLIS MALL”, directly connected to Hapjeong Station, next to Hongdae Station, was built in the lower part (2nd basement floor to 2nd floor above ground) of the VVIP apartment where celebrities and corporate CEOs live. A complex with a total area of ​​800 square meters.

An open-type street mall with a fascinating blue sky stands out with its unique curving interior.

The western-style structure reminiscent of European streets is also attractive.

The mall has about 100 multinational shops and restaurants, as well as a movie theater and a performance hall, so you can enjoy not only shopping but also cultural appreciation.

The building name is a compound word made up of “Mecenat”, which means corporate activities that support culture and art, and “Polis,” which stands for Greek ancient state.

In harmony with the surrounding environment, it was named to create a facility that is not just a living space, but a city that combines art and culture.

A variety of brand shops line the 400m average passage on each floor, so you can enjoy shopping just as if you were walking around the city. 

Fashion brands, restaurants, and cafes are scattered on each floor, and cosmetic shops are located on the first basement floor near the entrance directly connected to the station.

Access >>>

Line 6 Hapjeong Station Exit 9 Underground direct connection

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