Located next to Hongdae, a popular city for young people, Yeonnam-dong is a quiet and calm residential area.

Originally known as the restaurant area, as the Hongdae area grew in popularity, shops began to move to this area where tenant fees are lower, and it has become a new hotspot.

Currently, there are fashionable cafes, shops selling handmade accessories, guest houses, etc. scattered all over the streets, as well as Little Chinatown and markets that regularly hold flea markets, making it a perfect area to take a leisurely stroll.

Let’s find a nice place scattered behind the alleys while exploring slowly without being chased by time.

“Gyeongui Line Forest Road(경의선숲길)” was built on the site of a railway track that spans Yeonnam-dong.

There is a lawn in the center of the street, where you can sit down on the ground and enjoy the sun on sunny days or watch street performances.

It is said to be called Yeontral Park because it was built to resemble Central Park in New York.

It is also recommended to take out snacks and drinks while you relax in the park.

Benches are set up along the Gyeongui Line Forest Road, making for a great place for children and the elderly. Why don’t you stop by when traveling with your family?

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