Cafe Layered

Yeonnam-dong is known for its many picture-perfect cafes. Among them, Cafe Layered is famous for its handmade English scones.

It is even said that “Yeonnam-dong people are all gathered here.”

The shop is located in the Yeonnam-dong area, which has attracted attention due to the accumulation of fashionable cafes.

The nearest station is Hongik University Station, and it is convenient to use Exit 3 to get to the shops.

When walking in the quiet residential area, you can see a large brick house!

This shop was a renovated old house that was originally here but got turned it into a whole cafe.

As expected, it is Yeonnam-dong #1 most popular shop. It’s exterior is so wonderful that everyone who sees it outside stops to take a commemorative photo in front of the shop.

In the shop, homemade sweets are lined up with sweet scents.

Put there are sweets on a plate near the entrance that goes to the counter.

By the way, when you eat and drink in the store, please note that it is a rule to order one drink per person.

There are so many types of scones!

In addition to the most popular cranberry cheese scones, basil scones also seem to be popular.

Actually, there are two Cafe Layered in Seoul. In addition to the Yeonnam store, there is also the Bukchon store, which is the main store.

This cafe is very cute and photogenic.

I think it’s worth a visit.

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