The food that comes to your mind by Special Situations (Korean Food ver.)

Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korean culture to you!

Today, depending on the situation in Korea, let me introduce Korean food and alcohol that Koreans think a lot about!

It is easier to know Korean culture when you make Korean friends!

If you know this culture, you can accept the situation more easily when you talk to your friends or when they talk to you!

1.On a cold day,

soju in a cart bar!

Even if it’s not a cold day, it’s a breakaway moment, or on such a day, if you drink soju in a cart bar in a bowl of fish cake soup,

Koreans think ‘I feel like I’m getting rid of my fatigue’!

A glass of soju with warm soup! I’m already happy with my imagination!It’s a great place to relieve stress by sharing hard stories with friends!

2.Makgeolli and Pajeon on rainy days!

When it rains in Korea Just we think about makgeolli and pajeon!

On rainy days, we look for delicious jeons and makgeollis before!

The reason is scientifically explained.

On a rainy day, the element that makes me feel happy called serotonin does not have sunlight.

So on rainy days, there will be many people who feel depressed, and for the secretion of serotonin, people will be able to use amino acids.

They’re looking for food! There are makgeolli, tofu, and kimchi in the foods that are included in the amino acids, and people can eat the foods that contain them.

Looking for Makgeolli and Pajeon on a rainy day!That’s how the formula works!

3.Chicken with beer when we play soccer.

In fact, the most popular day for chicken in Korea is when we play soccer against Japan!

Korea hates losing to Japan, so I think I must win, so I watch the soccer game while cheering for it!

In a soccer game, cold beer and chicken are the best combination.

People buy beer at a chicken restaurant or at their own home, order chicken, drink and eat while watching a soccer game!

How about Korea’s food culture?

Is there any food in your country that comes to mind when you are in this particular situation?

Because Korea is set as an food formula! If you are in Korea, you will have many chances to encounter this kind of food!

You according to this food formula and Try some fun Korean food!

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