BTS releases first album concept photo…Swan eager to be perfect

BTS’s new album concept photo was released for the first time.

BTS released the first concept photo of the 4th album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’ on the official homepage and SNS channel at midnight on the 10th.

BTS in the released photo portrayed the swan eager to be perfect, against the background of a rough and crude place.

In contrast to the dark background, members of the white costumes stare somewhere with their expressionless faces, and white feathers are flying around.

The appearance of BTS, which looks pure but a little dangerous, makes a strong impression and raises the curiosity about this upcoming album.

BTS, who predicted a glamorous comeback with ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’, shared their comeback trailers ‘Interlude: Shadow’ and ‘Outro: Ego’. Both video clips proved music fans’ interest in BTS’s comeback, rising to # 1 on YouTube’s fastest-growing video.

BTS ‘4th full album’ MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ‘will be released worldwide at 6 pm on February 21st.

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