A road that goes down the hill from the main street of Itaewon, a city full of exoticism, to the Han River.

The area around this is called Hannam-dong.

The name of the place is given because there is “Hang River” in front of the town and “Namsan”, famous for N Seoul Tower, on the top of the mountain.

Many embassies and official residences are gathered in Hannam-dong and are concentrated along the main street, Hannam-daero, in addition to the embassy street and reading hall street.

There is a quiet residential area in the alley, especially HanNam The Hill is a luxury residential area where celebrities live.

The embassy street continues from the Itaewon area. There are many restaurants, and in recent years there has been an increase in fashionable cafes on Reading Hall Street and its backstreets. HanNam-dong has the impression of being a tranquil adult town.

There are many fashionable cafes on the alleyway of Reading Hall Street.

In the buildings, sometimes galleries are opened.

Originally, it seemed like a place where people living in the neighborhood came in and spent the weekend, but in recent years the younger generation seems to be spending leisure time and visiting on dates.

A city with many high-end shops, where you can enjoy a calm “holiday in Seoul”. Please try the adult atmosphere in Hannam-dong.

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