“OREO O’s” is an oreo-flavored cereal sold by a major Korean food manufacturer. Originally originated in the United States, it was a hugely popular cereal among Americans. Did you know that it can only be bought in Korea now?

Until 2007, the American food manufacturers “Post” and “Craft” had formed a technical tie-up, but in the same year, two companies broke down due to internal circumstances and abandoned the sales rights of “OREO O’s” to each other.

Only after that, Korea’s Dongseo Foods, which had a partnership agreement with both companies, had the right to produce and sell.

The contents of OREO O’s are Oreo-flavored cereals and dried marshmallows. Moderately sweet cereal goes well with milk and has a crisp texture. Marshmallow changes to a soft touch when immersed in milk.

Marshmallows are as sweet as you might imagine, but Oreo cereals are not too sweet and can be eaten with a bit of saltiness.

Also, the milk dipped in Oreo cereals becomes chocolate-flavored milk, which is also delicious.

OREO O’s was born in the United States but became a “Korean limited edition” due to circumstances between production companies.

Many foreigners buy OREO O’s as souvenirs for traveling in Korea.

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