Some Sevit

[Three artificial islands floating beside the Han River and Banpo Bridge]

An artificial island right next to Banpo Bridge, where there is a popular fountain show in the Han river, is “세빛섬 (some sevit)”.

“세빛 = three lights” and “섬 = island” mean “three shining islands”.

The islands are called “가빛섬 (some gavit)”, “채빛섬 (some chavit)” and “솔빛섬 (some solvit)” in descending order.

Since its opening in October 2014, it has been operated as a cultural space with restaurants, cafes and observation decks.

Above all, at the convention center on the 2nd floor of “가빛섬 (some gavit)”, fan meetings and autograph sessions are held frequently, so it is a topic among Korean fans.

At night, colorful light illuminates the Han River, creating a fantastic space.

Because of the romantic atmosphere, I would recommend it for a date with a lover.

If you want to see a romantic night view, you should definitely visit.

But, Please be careful when visiting on a winter night because it is extremely cold…

Access >>>

[ Subway ]→Line 9 Express Bus Terminal Station Exit 8-1 20 minutes on foot.

[ Bus ]→ 405,740 반포한강공원.세빛섬(Banpo Han River Park.some sevit)

It is a bit far from the subway station, so we recommend going by bus.

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