A popular horror restaurant in Korea, “마녀주방 (Witch Kitchen)”

Not only the appearance but also the food is very delicious, and it is famous among Koreans as 맛집.

맛집 refers to a delicious restaurant, and when the destination is not decided, it is Korean style to search on the Internet with 맛집 and decide the destination.

“마녀주방 (Witch Kitchen)” has an outstanding atmosphere from the entrance to the dining area. 

The menu is made in the style of a newspaper and is also fashionable!

There are many types of pasta, all of which have a reputation for being delicious.

마녀주방 ‘s most popular dish on the menu is the chicken steak with fingers!

Bread? cookies? The finger is made to look exactly like the real thing, and it is a little scary.

Chicken steaks are seasoned like teriyaki chicken and are very popular with cheap, delicious dishes.

Besides the chicken and finger, the ricotta cheese salad and risotto are also popular.

Everything is delicious and the menu is plentiful, so you won’t have to worry about what to eat.

All the dishes are elaborate and fun to look at, and many people take pictures of picture-perfect dishes and post them to SNS.

There are also shops in tourist spots such as Hongdae and Myeongdong, and it is a place full of entertainment, so please visit once when you go to Korea.

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