DINGA CAKE HOUSE is a popular cake shop located in the Hongdae area.

The owner did the DIY by himself, the appearance and interior now looks like a dollhouse. 

There is also a space with a retro atmosphere.

The owner’s sense of style is wonderful.

Cute cakes like toys have become a hot topic on Instagram and are famous in said picture-perfect cafes.

If you like Korea, many people have visited at least once.

The shop is located in Yeonnam-dong where many fashionable cafes are lined up.

As you can see from the exterior, it is a two-story cafe.

It is so cute that it makes me excited from just the appearance alone!

Hamburger and pizza shaped cakes and cakes with famous characters are popular.

DINGA CAKE HOUSE’s cakes are not only visually appealing but also taste delicious! 

At first glance, it looks very sweet because it’s colorful, but the cream is less sweet and the chiffon part has the taste of tea or apple, so it’s refreshing and very easy to eat.

Also, drinks will be served with cups with cute sleeves and vintage cups.

The shop is large, so you can enjoy the cakes and drinks as much as you want.

Dinga Cake also makes take-out and custom-made cakes.

A great surprise like a cute cake on a special day would be perfect.

How was that?

Please drop by when you go to Korea!

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