Hongdae Street

The street between Walking Street and Parking Street is called Hongdae Street.

On the left-hand side of the street, there are mainly small cheap clothing stores and general stores.

Items sold include clothes, bags, shoes, hats, socks, iPhone cases, and more.

And on the right side of the street, relatively large clothing stores are lined up one after another, so you can enjoy shopping enough.

It is not only a women’s shop but also a men’s shop.

M PLAY GROUND, which sells fashionable items at low prices, is also here.

M PLAY GROUND is a very popular shop among students and it will be difficult to find anyone who doesn’t know this shop in Korea.

In some places, famous cosmetics brand stores and fortune-telling houses such as tarot houses are also prominent. If you look closely, there is a restaurant on the second floor of such a small shop.

Also, there is a cafe so you can use it when you want to take a break after shopping.

In addition, you can see murals such as Hongdae, an art city where many artistic young people gather.

In addition, there is a small area where small street-style restaurants specializing in street food, such as 호떡, ice cream, croquettes, etc., gather, and there are many popular shops here.

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