Song Ji-hyo & Kim Moo-yeol’s starring ‘Intruder’ confirmed to release on March 12

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The movie “Intruder” will be released on March 12.

‘Intruder’ is a mystery thriller and it tells what happens when Yoojin(played by Song Ji-hyo) returns home after going missing 25 years ago, and her family gradually changes. Her older brother Seojin(played by Kim Moo-yeol) grows suspicious and seeks to uncover his sister’s secret, which lead him to a shocking truth.

Based on the interesting setting that ‘missing sister is back in 25 years’, the movie ‘Intruder’ foretells the birth of an intense mystery thriller. The movie ‘Intruder’ is a work that stimulates the fear of suspicious of ‘home’, which is the most comfortable space, and the ‘family’, which is the most reliable place, due to the unfamiliar family who returned after 25 years.

In particular Yoojin changes everything in her house after she returns home in 25 years and her brother Seo-jin, who is confused in her suspicion trying to identify her, create a chaotic situation in which no one can believe and raise the level of immersion to the limit.

A mysterious heroine Yoojin who revelas the secret that actress Song Ji-hyo, who has been loved with a lovely and friendly image, is going to showcase the synergy with Kim moo-yeol who was born again as a thriller actor.

In addition, the debut film ‘Intruder’ which best-selling writer Son Won-pyong has written and directed, announces the birth of a highly accomplished mystery thriller with the production crews of ‘The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil’, ‘The Outlaws’, ‘The Chronicles of Evil’.

Raising attention with actress Song Ji-hyo, and actor Kim Moo-yeol’s amazing transformation and intense suspense, the mystery thriller “Intruder” is expected to be released on March 12th.

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