Anthracite, which has a reputation for delicious coffee beans, has opened its fourth store within a 5-minute walk from Mangwon Station. A house with a garden was renovated and the 1.2th floor turned into a cafe.

There is already a nice and calm atmosphere from its appearance. It has a garden and makes you feel as if you came to a house.

As we walked in, the first floor had a large table and a space like a private room.

The shop had a simple but calm atmosphere with coffee beans on the shelves and pictures.

Orders are completed on the second floor.

The second floor also has a horizontal table in the middle, where clerks are brewing coffee.

There is a menu on the right side of the table, order here.

Coffee is ground after beans are ordered, so you can enjoy a fresh taste. The clerks are also pretty well trained.

Although the price is a little higher at 7,000 won for drip coffee and 8,000 won for a latte, the simple and stylish interior, the atmosphere where you can relax and read slowly is like a salon where adults gather.

There were many adults who had a good sense and few people took pictures.

This is a wonderful café recommended for adults who want to spend time reading or relaxing leisurely while looking out at the large garden.

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