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The cafe introduced this time is assiette & (아씨에뜨 앤) located in Uljiro, Seoul.

Store name “Assiette &”

Assiette in French means “tableware, small plates”

As it is on the fourth floor, a lot of light comes in from the window, so when you go in at a bright time, it is a refreshing impression that is unified in white as a whole.

There is a counter seat at the window, so it is easy to use alone, so I think that it is a good place to go when traveling alone.

Be careful when visiting with friends, family and lovers, as it is a rule to order one drink per person.

The major feature of this cafe is that you can choose the plate on which to put the cake.

When you order cake at the cash register, the clerk will say, “Please choose a plate,” so be sure to choose your favorite plate.

A description of the plate is written on the postcard, and each plate has a name.

Then wait at the table after choosing a plate.

There is an outlet and the atmosphere is not noisy,

It was a cozy cafe where you could slowly stay longer.

The nearest station is Uljiro 3-ga station, where subway lines 2 and 3 pass.

It is a 3-4 minute walk from Exit 9,10,11.

It’s located on the 4th floor of the building, so it may be hard to find if you don’t know the exterior, but the official Instagram will explain the location in detail, so please refer to that.

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