BT21 cafe

BTS fans from all over the world are searching for BT21 drinks that appeared in February 2018 at “LINE FRIENDS Cafe”.

“BT21,” said that members of BTS participated in the overall production, from character sketching to character setting.

At this cafe, you can follow the members’ footsteps during the production process.

To begin with, “BT21” is a character that was developed jointly by Line Friends and BTS, followed by conventional products such as stickers and dolls, and a new drink at this time.

Seven kinds of drinks can be tasted in connection with characters created by the members actively participating.

Inside the store, autographed mascots, hand-drawn sketches, and BT21 character objects will be on display, and of course you can take photos!

The Hongdae store has a lot of students, so it’s quite spacious and comfortable. It seems to be a good place to study!

The interior of the store, which has character objects and is colorful, feels like you have come to a theme park.

It’s like a stage and you can sit here.

There are also many comfortable sofa seats. Check the illustrations on each wall.

In addition, the BTS members’ video is displayed on the wall and is the best place for fans.

If you are a BTS fan, you definitely want to visit.

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