“C27” is a popular Korean cafe where you can taste 27 kinds of cheesecake.

The showcase has a wide variety of cheesecakes, from tiramisu, brownies, and Oreos to strawberry and carrot.

In addition to cakes, there are also ball-shaped “cheese bites” that can be eaten by bite and “cheese jars” that look bright, so it is recommended to order various menus and share them with several people!

There are 27 types of cheesecakes on sale, but the popular cheesecakes are sold out early, so if you have a specific cheesecake you want, we recommend that you visit early.

There are large roller coasters and Ferris wheel models inside the store, and the stylish interior that tickles the woman’s heart is also a popular secret.

Also, it seems that they sell unique and cute miscellaneous goods such as candles, pouches, and fork-shaped ballpoint pens.

The store is located on the 3rd floor of the building, right next to Exit 1 and 2 of Hongik University Station on Subway Line 2.

In addition to Hongdae, there are also stores in famous tourist spots such as Garosugil, so I would recommend it to those who like cheesecake.

C27, a cafe where you can eat delicious cheesecake, which is very popular with Korean girls

Why don’t you visit when you go to Korea.

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